About Quality and Sustainability

Pendax AB is a scandinavian producer of meeting room furniture. We use sustainable and recyclable materials of known origin from as local sources as possible when we manufacture your products.

We design the products so that they are easy to repair and upgrade. They thus fit into the circular economy.

In order to keep track of the sustainability of our products, we measure and evaluate eight items under eco-design, material selection, climate smartness and social responsibility.

We are certified according to ISO9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. This means that, among other things, we have routines that ensure that we comply with all laws and regulations that apply and that we have continuous improvement work in terms of quality and environmental performance. 

With this, we also receive a thorough review of our operations annually by a third-party certification body, A3Cert, which in turn is certified by SWEDAC.

Pendax AB must at every moment indicate the importance of: Developing, designing, producing and marketing products that meet or exceed the customer's expectations. Deliver the right product at the right time at the right price. All employees must strive to improve the quality of their own work and comply with laws and regulations.

Pendax AB acts for continuous environmental improvement and prevents pollution by:
Follow environmental legislation and live up to the demands of the market and authorities.
In our product development and purchasing process, we purposefully question all materials and, where possible, replace them with more environmentally friendly alternatives. When choosing suppliers, prioritize companies that have a developed environmental policy.
For transport, aim for the smallest possible environmental impact. All staff always try the possibility of virtual meetings instead of travel.

In order to be able to meet the above overall goals, we act in the following way:

  • When purchasing, we require content declarations and safety data sheets.
  • We actively work to ensure that environmentally friendly products are marketed.
  • We continuously strive for efficiencies that save energy and reduce the burden on the environment.
  • We strive to apply the most environmentally friendly transport option for every transport need.
  • All our employees are given the opportunity to use virtual meetings.

Compliance and goal achievement:
The company's management has defined and documented the company's policy and quality goals. Each manager is responsible for ensuring that the policy is understood and applied within their area of responsibility. In their work, all employees must ensure that the policy is complied with and the goals are reached.

Constant improvements that lead to better products and quality of our work must be included as a natural part of the business. In this way, our customers are guaranteed that products and services are delivered according to specifications and contracts.

We protect everyone's personal integrity and it is important that our employees, suppliers and customers feel secure about how personal data is processed with us. This policy describes why and how we process personal data and how we work to protect the information.
We collect personal data that is voluntarily provided to us. Examples for inquiries, agreements, job applications, employment contracts participate in events organized by us, choose to subscribe to one of our newsletters, communicate with us via e-mail or other channels where you register. The data we collect may be your name, postal address, email address, telephone number, job title and industry.
In some cases, your personal data has been obtained from other sources based on your professional role and when we have assessed that you may be interested in our services or specific arrangements. These sources may include, inquiries, contracts, purchasing data records, searches through publicly available search engines and your employer's website.
We use the personal data we collect to: Send you offers, order acknowledgements, invoices, newsletters and information about current areas within our business area and invitations to activities. For you as an employee with us, information that concerns your relationship with us.
Only people who need to process personal data have access to your personal data. We do not make your personal data available to third parties.
We save personal data as long as it is needed for the purpose for which it was collected. This means that we process your data as long as laws and regulations require and as long as you continue to be our customer, supplier, hire us for our services, visit our events or that we, based on your professional role, judge that you can be a potential visitors to us and interested in our services.
You have the right to access personal data. If you believe that the information is incorrect, you can request that it be corrected. You can also choose to unregister at any time and in connection with that, we will cease data processing for the purposes stated above and we will remove your personal data from our register.
We use technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal data against access by unauthorized persons. Anyone who wants more information is welcome to contact our Finance Department or directly to the CEO. 08-55536900

That the products can be used by everyone is an especially important sustainability requirement for us who provide interior design for public environments.
Everyone in society must have an equal and unhindered opportunity to both express and assimilate information. It's a democratic issue.
That we comply with these requirements and principles is checked at recurring third-party certifications.

We have developed our own scoring system to assess, at product level, how easy it is to change functional units, how much of the material included is recycled or recyclable, has a known origin, how far away from us it was manufactured and what proportion of materials with low environmental impact it consists of. Social responsibility is also included in this system, and it is based on constantly rolling supplier assessments. This is pending the corresponding scoring system in an Ecodesign Directive from the EU in this product group.