Pendax AB - a company in time

Sweden's oldest and most established AV company, Pendax AB, was founded in 1975 under the name Pendax Interiör AB. In order to fit into the international market, the name was changed in 1984 to Pendax AB. The business idea has always been to develop products for meeting rooms that are up-to-date since the beginning. This has led to Pendax AB having several successful patents where the Pendaxlist (known, as far away from Stockholm as Australia, as "Pendastrip") and its one-armed flipchart became an unprecedented success story. The recession of the 90s led to several mergers between different companies and at this time Pendax AB also merged with Audicom AB to form a system integrator

In 2021, another step was taken in the development when Audicom AB continued its journey as a system integrator on its own and Pendax AB once again came back as an independent manufacturing company and subcontractor to the interior and AV industries.

The reason for that was the development of the installation-free range products. With it, designing, engineering and remodeling was removed from the meeting rooms and the completion of the rooms was reduced from several weeks to a few minutes. In addition, the rooms were made more flexible in the operational phase by adding wheels to many of the products.

This was not only good for organizational and financial reasons, but also for sustainability. According to studies from KTH, traditional tenant adaptations of office workplaces can generate as much carbon dioxide emissions as the production of new buildings.

But it doesn't stop there. With the new FlexWall Mobile product range, we have taken the concept even further so that you can even upgrade or repair the meeting room technology in the furniture just as easily during a small coffee break or leg stretcher. This is completely in line with requirements for product repairability and circularity, so now we are talking about flexibility, durability and products in real time.

This product range has the potential to become a new big succes, also in Australia, which requires a completely different type of organization than the one that Audicom AB offers as a system integrator. Therefore, Pendax AB will need to reach out to the market via retailers in order to effectively use the entire potential of the concept, which we estimate in the short term to be at least SEK 100 million in Sweden alone.

The Pendax logo was designed 40 years ago by the legendary architect and AV specialist Anders 'Nypan' Nyberg. It is a stylized P inspired by a technical drawing of the cross-section from the world's first AV strip. 'Nypan' did not just design products and solutions for meeting rooms, but was one of those who, in doing so, designed an entire industry.