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Internal Reference: 49899
Barcode: 7331299498999

Share your desktop! 

FlexTable mounts to the edge of any table with practical clamp brackets. FlexTable accommodates substantial monitors ranging from 32" to 50" in size. On top of the screen, you can conveniently place a camera or Videobar of any model.

FlexTable includes a ventilated space for secure storage of your meeting technology. This could be a small computer with a wireless keyboard and mouse, or a USB hub/multi-adapter that you connect to your own computer. There's also room for cables, which should not be left hanging for people to trip over, and the power adapters that are always needed.

In addition to your regular meetings, FlexTable enables you to collaborate remotely on more down-to-earth tasks. This can include how a fabric should be cut, a dish prepared, or a bouquet arranged. 

Technical Data

FlexTable is 606mm wide, 585mm high, and 90mm deep. 

The panel facing the screen is prepared for monitors with VESA 100 and 200 (the panel with the hole pattern can also be turned in its mounting to fit even more monitors). We include practical spacers to ensure the screen is at the right distance. 

Besides the holes for the monitor mountings, there are three other cutouts that can easily be snapped out of the panel. Through one or more cutouts, you can then run the cabling discreetly into FlexTable's storage space. 

Simple, elegant, safe, and practical!