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Protect and Conceal the Technology 

FlexPanel is the perfect addition to installations where a display and a camera are mounted on the wall. It is ideally suited for situations where the bottom of the display should be between 1000-1100mm from the floor.
It stands directly on the floor on adjustable feet and is secured to the wall with a couple of screws. If desired, you can choose to omit the feet and mount your entire FlexPanel on the wall instead, giving you the freedom to place it anywhere you like.
On top, there is a removable and ventilated shelf with an opening for cable routing. Once you remove the shelf, you can access the front. If you prefer, you can screw the shelf in place to protect the contents from unauthorized access.

Space for Video Bars

You can place a video bar, an MTR (Microsoft Teams Room) solution, or a PTZ camera on the shelf. If you do, turn the cable channel so that its front opening faces downward. This allows you to route the camera's cables through the channel down to your FlexPanel. If you don't have a camera or video bar, or if you want to mount it above the display, position the cable channel so that its front opening is hidden behind the display. This way, the cable channel conceals the opening in the shelf and the cable to your video bar.

The Challenge

In traditional AV installations, a lot of cabling and equipment is placed behind the screen.

This makes it difficult to achieve a neat installation, and when service is required, the screen often needs to be lowered (usually by two people), essentially requiring a new installation.

The Solution

FlexPanel makes it easier and more sustainable to furnish meeting and training rooms. It allows you to reconfigure the installation quickly and easily. If you need to move it to another room, there are no issues since all the necessary technology is already built into the furniture. This is not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective, helping your company become more sustainable.