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The Panel that Matches Your Screen Width

FlexPanel CustomShop is not just another FlexPanel; it's designed to precisely match the width of your screen. Engineered to be wall-mounted, it provides a floating, elegant look without the need for support legs. Additionally, it comes equipped with a cable management board that spans the entire width of the furniture and features the latest generation of modular Connecto installation plates behind the removable front. 

Smart Cable Management Included

Two Connecto installation plates are included as standard. Regardless of how advanced your screen or camera is, there will always be cables, power adapters, and other accessories that require discreet and secure storage.

Exclusive Material Choices

Choose between the dark standard fabric Kvadrat Basel 181 and the light standard fabric Kvadrat Steelcut Trio 3 0205. For those who want to use the same fabric throughout a project, we also offer variants with specialty fabrics from Kvadrat's standard range. Additionally, two models come with acoustic panels fitted with oak slats.

Optimized for Microsoft Teams FrontRow

FlexPanel CustomShop is perfectly compatible with all wall-mounted screens but is especially well-suited for those looking to experience the new features of Microsoft Teams FrontRow. 

Easy Ordering and Customization

The price of your FlexPanel CustomShop is based on the design and size, and it's easy to order right here on the website. Under "Design," you choose the color you want for the side panels and the surface of the removable panel. 

For example: 

  1. ​Under "Design," choose the color of the side panels and the surface of the removable panel. Example: "Black / Dark standard fabric".
  2. Under "Size," choose between the three maximum widths: ≤1500, ≤2000, and ≤2500mm.
  3. In the "Notes" box, specify the exact width you desire, along with any other specifications. Example: "Width 1986mm, Kvadrat Hero 2 0552".


Designed to be self-instructive, intuitive, and easy to use for everyone, with support for screens that activate on signal and cameras that don't require driver installation.


Operationally reliable, complete, and always functional, as the technology and connections are protected from user interference. 


Easy and quick to assemble and maintain with patented technology. Removable panels provide easy and ergonomic access for service technicians.


Easily adaptable and movable for changing operations and full utilization of your premises.

No Planning or Construction Needed

Simply place it in the room. Saves money and time and avoids internal relocations, construction dust, and production interruptions. Can be ordered in the final stage of a project or save a delayed project.


Crafted with beautiful and timeless materials and proud craftsmanship. Provides visual order and tidiness without visible technology or cabling.


Increased productivity and reduced installation and operating costs. 


Modularly built with sustainable materials for circular resource utilization.