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Create a Harmonious Work Environment with FlexWall Acoustic

With FlexWall Acoustic, you can easily enhance the work environment by optimizing the sound landscape throughout your premises. Just as you carefully choose whiteboards and displays for visual stimulation, FlexWall Acoustic allows you to 'decorate' with sound absorption, creating a more focused and pleasant workspace.

Flexible Sound Absorption for Every Space

FlexWall Acoustic is designed to seamlessly integrate into all types of work environments. With the same versatile mounting system as the rest of the FlexWall series, these sound absorbers can be placed where they are needed most. They come in the same sizes as our whiteboards, which means they can contribute to a unified aesthetic while improving acoustics.

Function Meets Aesthetics

Choose between two elegantly dressed options to match your interior style: the boldly dark Kvadrat Basel 181 or the subtly light Kvadrat Steelcut Trio 3 0205. These high-quality fabrics not only add to the visual appeal but are also durable and easy to maintain. 

Dynamic Acoustic Solution

In a landscape where workplaces are constantly reshaped to meet new needs, FlexWall Acoustic offers a dynamic solution. The sound absorbers can be moved as needed to create optimal conditions for concentration and collaboration, wherever you are in the premises.

Decorate with Good Acoustics

FlexWall Acoustic offers a simple yet effective method to improve the sound environment. By effectively absorbing and dampening sound, they contribute to a more focused work environment and are an ideal solution for open-plan offices, conference rooms, and other common areas where good acoustics are of great importance.

Specifications and Benefits:

  • High-quality sound-absorbing material
  • Two types of upholstery: Kvadrat Basel 181 and Kvadrat Steelcut Trio 3 0205
  • Available in sizes that match the FlexWall series whiteboards and display mounts
  • Easy installation on FlexWall mounting rail
  • Modern and stylish design that fits into all types of interiors
  • Provides an immediate improvement in room acoustics