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Enhanced Acoustics for Work and Meeting Environments

The FlexWall Mobile Absorber improves the acoustics in your room, creating a comfortable work environment. By reducing unwanted noise and echo, it contributes to increased concentration and efficiency, whether you are working on-site or participating in remote meetings.

Technologically Advanced Sound Absorption

The design was inspired by professional recording studios, where perforated resonators are used to absorb sound. The construction, comprising mineral wool and perforated panels, effectively dampens sound waves between 200-3000 Hz, the range where human speech and common workplace sounds typically occur.

Customizable Design

Choose from various fabric and color options to tailor your FlexWall to your interior style. Available with black or white aluminum profiles and with any fabric from Kvadrat. The FlexWall Acoustic Absorber CustomShop is the lifesaver that resolves your acoustic problems far better, quicker, and cheaper than tearing down inadequately insulated interior walls and building new ones. 

Product Data

  • Maximum Width: 1220mm, Maximum Height: 2440mm, Depth: 124mm.