FlexWall Mobile Acoustic Absorber


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Improved Acoustics for Work and Meeting Environments

FlexWall Mobile Absorber enhances the acoustics in your room, creating a pleasant working environment. By reducing unwanted noise and echo, it contributes to increased concentration and efficiency, whether you are working on-site or participating in remote meetings.

Technologically Advanced Sound Absorption

The design was inspired by professional recording studios, where perforated resonators are used to absorb sound. The construction with mineral wool and perforated panels effectively dampens sound waves between 200-3000 Hz, the range where human speech and common work noises usually occur.

Mobile and Adaptable Design

With its rollable design, FlexWall Mobile Absorber can easily be moved where it is needed most, while serving as a visual and acoustic screen in open office landscapes or meeting rooms. Choose between different fabric and color options to customize your FlexWall to your interior style.

Product Data

  • Width: 1700mm, Height: 1940mm, Depth: 630mm.
  • Standard fabric: Kvadrat Basel 181 (dark) or Kvadrat Steelcut Trio 3 0205 (light).