FlexWall Mounting Rail, 3 meters


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Increased Workspace and Efficiency 

This 3-meter mounting rail for the FlexWall system includes a base profile, decor profile, joint fitting for connecting with additional rail, and the magnetic paper holder function. They can be joined together to any length and are the ideal solution for efficient utilization of the workspace. By hanging as much as possible on the wall, it leaves more functional and valuable space available on the floor.

Decorative and Customizable

The rail can be ordered on this page with decor in Natural Anodized Aluminum, electrophoretically colored white aluminum, as well as in Aluminum clad with genuine Beech, Birch, and Oak veneer. If you desire a different color for your decor, it's perfectly fine to paint the natural anodized variant in any color you wish. The veneered decors are clear-coated, but we have uncoated versions of them in Beech and Oak which we can deliver to you if you wish to stain or treat them in other ways. If you would like us to paint or stain your decors for you, we can of course do that. Please contact us at 08-555 369 11.

Unique Rolling Function for Smooth Movement

The FlexWall Mounting Rail has a unique design where the products are hung on wheels that travel along a raised area inside the top of the rail. This design differs from other constructions where the wheel rolls on a flat surface on the top of the rail, where dust and dirt can accumulate. Our smart design ensures smoother movement and reduces the need for maintenance, while keeping your objects securely in place as they are moved along the rail.

Complement with Accessories​

Accessories include end protection/end stop for ends that do not end against a wall or another rail, sets of magnets for the paper holder function, and hanging fittings with wheels (single or double) and unhitching protection for what you want to hang on the rail. 

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