FlexWall Whiteboard


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Optimize Every Corner of Your Office

The FlexWall Whiteboard transforms any space into a hub of creativity. Mounted on our sturdy rail system with wheels, this frameless whiteboard can easily be rolled to wherever ideas are flowing, allowing you to make full use of your workspace efficiently.

Enhance Resource Efficiency

Share a whiteboard among different departments and teams, increasing utility without the need to invest in multiple fixed solutions. This share-friendly design is not only cost-effective but also promotes an open culture where collaboration and the exchange of ideas are central.

Simplicity and Savings

Say goodbye to complicated installations and expensive fixed mountings. The FlexWall Whiteboard is simple to install and move, saving time, money, and effort, while also protecting your premises from unnecessary alterations.

Visualize and Communicate Instantly

In a business where speed is everything, the FlexWall Whiteboard allows you to instantly capture and share thoughts and ideas, leading to better understanding and quicker decision-making processes.

Adaptable to All Environments

Designed to fit and enhance any work environment, from quiet office landscapes to bustling design studios, its elegant and modern frameless appearance complements your workplace and inspires collaboration.

Stimulate Creative Workflow

Encourage an environment where creative processes and teamwork naturally take place. This whiteboard paves the way for dynamic and flexible working methods, making it easier for teams to spontaneously engage in productive sessions.

Unmatched Quality, Certified for Excellence

Not only is the FlexWall Whiteboard a visual delight, but it is also certified to SS-EN 14434:2010 level 2, a unique achievement in the market. This certification ensures that you are investing in a product of the highest quality that meets strict European standards for whiteboards.

Features and Benefits:

  • Frameless, elegant design
  • Easily movable along the hanging rail thanks to wheels with a disengagement protection
  • Three sizes for flexible use
  • SS-EN 14434:2010 level 2 certified for highest quality
  • An integrated part of the FlexWall system