Magnets 10-pack for Magnetic Function

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A Small Accessory with Great Attraction

It's hard not to be drawn to these neodymium magnets. They are small yet powerful, perfect for holding your documents and creative ideas in place. Whether it's on the mounting rail, whiteboards, or on the refrigerator door in the break room, these magnets make it easy to display and share your thoughts with others.

Enhance Communication and Collaboration

Visual communication is often the key to success. By having the ability to visualize your ideas and information in front of the group, these magnets promote open communication and collaboration. They are ideal for hanging up everything from a quick sketch to professional presentations, and help to create an engaging and creative work environment.

Strong Adhesion

With the capacity to easily hold large papers or thinner brochures, these neodymium magnets offer a strong and reliable solution for keeping your materials visible and accessible.

At the same time, the function is so simple and self-explanatory, compared to traditional paper holders with clamp function, that everyone understands how it works. As instruction, it's enough to place a magnet on the rail.

Versatile Usage

Our magnets are equally useful on mounting rails as on whiteboards, magnetic glass writing boards, and other magnetic surfaces. Their versatility makes them a valuable asset in all professional settings.

Color Choice

Choose between three discrete colors - white, gray, and blue - to complement your work environment and maintain a professional aesthetic.

Technical Specifications:

Quantity: 10 pcs per pack

Type: Neodymium magnets

Colors: White, Gray, Blue